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Simplelux Heater Fan, White

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  • Remote Control Type Operations:
  • The product beeps when plug in and is ready for using.
  • ON/OFF key: The heater starts working in 'Low Heat' mode when press this key and room temperature displayed on the digital screen, and OFF pressing it again.
  • Speed key: Pressing this key, the heater work from 'Low Heat' to 'High Heat' mode, and to 'Wind' mode by pressing it again. The three mode changes successively.
  • Timer Key: Digital light on and display 'OH' by pressing this key, timer increase 1 hour by one pressing until 12 hours (thirteen time of pressing). And the digital screen displays 'OH' on fourteenth pressing and exits timer setting. (e.g. Setting timer for 5hours, the '5' on screen twinkles for three seconds, and starts to count down and back to wind
  • speed display. And the screen jumps back to timer display when pressing the timer key again.)
  • All-Season Comfort: Experience the perfect balance of heating and cooling with our versatile 2-in-1 Space Heater & Fan. Whether you need to warm up during chilly winter nights or stay cool in the summer heat, this efficient device has got you covered.
  • Fast Heating Technology: With its powerful 1350W PTC ceramic heater fan, you'll enjoy quick and reliable heating whenever you need it. Say goodbye to shivering and embrace cozy warmth in no time.
  • Convenient Features: Set your desired temperature and forget about it! The built-in 12-hour timer allows you to schedule automatic shut-off, saving energy and giving you peace of mind. The tilt and overheat protection ensure safe operation, making it suitable for use in bedrooms, offices, and indoor spaces.
  • Smart Remote Control: Take control of your comfort from anywhere in the room with the included smart remote control. Adjust the settings, switch between heating and cooling modes, and even set the timer without leaving the comfort of your bed or desk.
  • Stylish and Practical: Designed in a sleek white color, this space heater and fan combo effortlessly blends into any room decor. Its compact size and portable design make it easy to move around as needed, providing efficient heating and cooling solutions wherever you go.
  • Product dimension: 4.7*9*24.4inch, Weight:3.7lbs

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