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Simplelux 10 Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan, Silver

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  • APPLICATIONS: This fan is specifically designed to cool and ventilate spaces such as garages, attics, greenhouses, shops, or chicken coops. It offers an efficient alternative to traditional AC units, providing effective airflow for a comfortable environment.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: The fan operates at 115 Volts and 60Hz, with a power consumption of 36W and a current of 0.52A. It runs at a speed of 1650 RPM, delivering an airflow capacity of 820 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). These specifications ensure optimal performance and cooling efficiency.
  • FAN SPEED CONTROLLER: The Simplelux Fan Speed Controller is included with this product, allowing you to accurately adjust the fan speed. With its durable 3-pole grounded plug construction, the controller ensures safe and reliable operation. It eliminates the need for extra wires, simplifying the setup process.
  • MULTIPLE SPEED SETTINGS: The fan speed controller features one control switch for three variable speed settings: OFF, HIGH, MED, and LOW. This allows you to customize the fan speed based on your cooling and ventilation requirements.
  • POWER CORD KIT: The included UL Listed Power Cord Kit makes installation hassle-free. It comes with a 3-foot strain relief clamp, wire connectors, and installation instructions. This universal extension cord power kit is easy to use and ensures a secure and reliable connection.
  • Product dimension: 12.79*12.79*7.2inch
  • The Power Shutter/Exhaust Fan offers reliable cooling, ventilation, and odor removal in commercial settings. With its aluminum blades, automatic shutters, enclosed motor, and easy installation process, this fan provides an efficient solution to improve air quality and maintain a comfortable environment.

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