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Simplelux 18 Inch Household Commercial Wall Mount Fan, Black

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  • Wide Area Coverage: The fan has a durable steel neck support that allows for a 30-degree vertical tilt manual adjustment and 90-degree horizontal oscillation. This enables the fan to provide cooling air in a larger area by covering the room with its 90° oscillation and adjustable tilt.
  • Strong Wind: The fan offers 5 high-performance speeds and 2 modes to control the airflow. It is equipped with a powerful 5-speed motor that can produce airflow of up to 9.2m/s. Despite its strong performance, the fan operates at a low noise level of less than 60db, ensuring a quiet environment. The metal blades of the fan contribute to its ability to provide a stronger wind for effective cooling.
  • Safe Operation: The fan features durable metal blades and comes with a 44-inch power cord and a 25-inch panel cord for convenient placement. It has a polarized plug with a built-in fuse to prioritize safety. The fan is also easy to assemble.
  • Applications: This fan is suitable for both home and commercial use. It can be used in various settings such as living rooms, meeting rooms, offices, kitchens, restaurants, garages, warehouses, gazebos, and more. Its versatility makes it suitable for different environments.
  • Parameters: The fan has a wind speed of 9.2m/s and an RPM (rotations per minute) of 1140. The noise level is less than 60db, ensuring quiet operation. It operates at a voltage of 115V and consumes 122W of power.
  • Production dimension: 24.00*20.00*15.50inch
  • Overall, this fan provides wide area coverage, strong airflow, safe operation, and can be used in various settings for effective cooling.

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