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Simplelux 3-Tier Metal 4-Wheeled Storage Utility Cart,White

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  • This storage utility cart is constructed using premium-grade metal and plastic components, incorporating three generously sized trays that offer ample space for efficient daily storage in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices.
  • Equipped with four robust wheels, the cart ensures smooth and unrestricted movement in all directions, with the added convenience of two lockable wheels to securely anchor the cart in a desired position. This feature guarantees stability and facilitates seamless organization and transportation, resulting in an orderly and clutter-free environment that enhances overall quality of life.
  • The utilization of high-density plastic trays and sturdy metal pillars in the design of this rolling cart achieves an optimal balance between durability, lightweight construction, and exceptional maneuverability. These meticulously chosen materials ensure long-lasting performance and effortless handling.
  • The cart boasts ergonomically designed handles that are thoughtfully positioned to provide optimal hand placement and push height, resulting in enhanced control and maneuverability. This design consideration contributes to an effortless navigation experience.
  • Furthermore, our 3-tier storage utility cart offers an abundance of storage space, enabling effortless accommodation of various items such as tissues, magazines, or snacks. The combination of high-density plastic trays and metal pillars not only ensures sturdiness but also guarantees a lightweight and easily maneuverable cart. The ergonomically designed handles optimize hand placement and push height, resulting in improved control. Additionally, the cart is equipped with four wheels, two of which can be locked, allowing for flexible movement and secure positioning according to your requirements.
  • Product dimension:22.83*14.57*34.65inch, N.W: 9.26lbs
  • SKU#: FNCART231435WVOL

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