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Simplelux 5 Gallon Grow Bags, 5-Pack Black

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  • Fabric Material: Crafted from 300g thickened nonwoven fabric, these pots exhibit a moderate level of permeability, ensuring a conducive environment for plant growth. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly and free from BPA, aligning with sustainable practices. Furthermore, they can be easily washed and reused in subsequent seasons, promoting long-term usability.
  • Promotes Healthy Root Formation: The breathable fabric pots employ air pruning technology, effectively preventing plant roots from circling and enhancing root structure. This key feature facilitates healthy root development, leading to robust and thriving plants.
  • Optimal Drainage Capability: With a focus on excellent water drainage, these pots enable efficient soil moisture management, eliminating the risk of overwatering. This design allows roots to breathe, fostering healthier and more vigorous plant growth.
  • Convenient Transplanting: The pots are designed with double-thick and double-stitched handles, ensuring durability and providing a secure grip for easy and safe transportation. By minimizing the risk of transplant shock, this feature facilitates hassle-free plant relocation.
  • Package Contents: Each package consists of a set of 5 fabric grow bags with a capacity of 5 gallons. The pots have a diameter of 14.0 inches and a height of 10.2 inches, offering ample space for plant growth.
  • Product dimension: 14.00*14.00*10.20, N.W:14.4 ounces

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