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Simplelux Flexible 6 Inch 8 Feet Aluminum Ducting, Black

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  • Variety of Applications: The Simplelux Ducting is perfect for a wide range of applications including HVAC ventilation, air circulation in grow tents, air intake and exhaust in greenhouses and grow rooms, cooling of light fixtures, kitchen cooking air exhaust, bathroom smell and moisture exhaust, and more.
  • Specifications: This ducting has a size of 6 inches in diameter and a length of 8 feet. It is made of PVC thermoplastic material with an inner layer of aluminum foil. The temperature range it can withstand is from -22°F to 212°F (-30℃ to 100℃).
  • Premium Material: The ducting is constructed with high-quality aluminum foil that is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting durability. It features a thick PVC layer that prevents light leaks. Additionally, a pair of 6-inch stainless steel duct clamps is included for easy installation.
  • Four-Layer Design: The four-layer design of the ducting, consisting of a PVC layer, aluminum foil, PET, and another layer of aluminum foil, enhances its durability and makes it resistant to leaks, tears, and cuts.
  • Flexible Ducting: The aluminum foil duct tube is highly flexible and can be bent in any direction, allowing you to accommodate various space restrictions. It offers a flexible length that can be adjusted to fit inline fans, providing quick and easy installation.

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