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Simplelux Adjustable Rope with Clip Hanger, Black

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  • Specifications: The Simplelux ratchet rope hanger set includes a pair of 1/8 inch heavy-duty rope hangers, each measuring 8 feet in length. The set also comes with 4 easy-to-use carabiner clips. Each ratchet has a load capacity of up to 75 pounds, with a total capacity of 150 pounds per pair.
  • Rope Material: The ropes are constructed from braided polypropylene, ensuring strength and durability. The hooks are made of zinc-plated steel, while the internal gears are made of metal for reliable performance.
  • Secure and Hassle-Free Design: The rope hangers feature a secure and user-friendly design. The ropes automatically lock in place when pulled, and they remain locked until released by pushing the thumb release lever. This design eliminates concerns of stretching, snapping back, or loosening, providing peace of mind during use.
  • Multiple Applications: These versatile rope hangers can be used in various applications. They serve as ideal hangers for grow lights, as well as tie-down ropes or hooks. They can function as adjustable rope hangers or locking pulleys, reducing the effort required for various tasks.
  • Package Includes: The package includes a single 1/8 inch ratchet tie-down, complete with an 8-foot tear-resistant high tenacity solid braided polypropylene rope.
  • Product dimension: 96L x 0.13W inch, Weight: 5.6ounces.

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