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Simplelux 12 inch Shutter Exhaust Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller

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  • Innovative Design: Our exhaust fan is specifically engineered to reduce moisture levels, preventing the formation of mold, wood rot, and insects. It effectively exhausts harmful pollutants such as radon, smoke, excessive heat, and odors. This makes it an ideal choice for ventilating factories, sheds, greenhouses, and other spaces.
  • Intelligent Controller: The fan comes with an intelligent controller that features an LCD display. The controller provides real-time temperature and humidity readings and allows you to set the desired speed modes and timer settings. It also supports the connection of two fans simultaneously.
  • Quiet Ventilation: The fan incorporates an innovative motor and control system that maximizes airflow while minimizing energy consumption and noise levels. Enjoy quiet operation while efficiently bringing in fresh air and expelling pollutants.
  • Easy Setup: The exhaust fan kit includes everything you need for a hassle-free installation. Mounting the fan unit is straightforward, and it can be conveniently powered through a standard outlet.
  • Rust-Proof Aluminum Shutters: This exhaust fan is constructed with galvanized steel that is highly resistant to liquid and dust. This ensures the longevity of the fan and prevents the formation of rust, ensuring reliable performance over time.
  • Product dimension: 16.34*15.35*8.46inch
  • Choose our innovative Exhaust Fan for effective air circulation, pollutant removal, and maintaining a comfortable environment. Its intelligent controller, quiet operation, and rust-proof construction make it a reliable choice for various spaces and applications.

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