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Simplelux 4 Inch Inline Duct Ventilation Fan with Temperature Humidity App

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  • Intelligent Programming Controller: The Simplelux fan is equipped with an advanced programming controller that offers temperature and humidity settings, a timer function, an alarm system, and fan speed control. It features multiple modes including ON/OFF, TIMER, and AUTO, allowing users to switch between modes based on their specific needs. The controller also has the capability to link an additional fan, enabling synchronized programming for multiple units.
  • Efficient EC Motor: The upgraded fan incorporates an efficient electronically commutated (EC) motor, which combines a mixed flow design with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control. This design results in a fan with low noise, low power consumption, and extended lifespan. The fan's reinforced plastic housing and ABS blades ensure durable quality and reliable performance.
  • App Remote Control: Utilizing the "Simplelux Life" App, users can connect the fan via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, enabling remote control functionality. Through the app, users can set temperature and humidity levels, adjust fan speed, program the timer and alarm, and enable automated fan operation. The fan also supports third-party voice services for added convenience.
  • Hands-Free Voice Control with Alexa: The Simplelux fan can be easily controlled using voice commands with Alexa. By syncing the device with Alexa, users can effortlessly manage the smart fan through voice prompts. Simply say commands like "Alexa, what is the temperature?" or "Alexa, increase the fan speed" to control the fan's operations.
  • Specifications: The fan is designed for a 4'' duct size and operates on a voltage range of 110~240V (Alternating Current). It delivers an airflow of 212 CFM with a noise level of 28 dB. The fan's speed is rated at 2900 RPM, while consuming a power of 35W. The kit includes the fan, an intelligent controller, a corded sensor probe, an AC power plug, and the necessary mounting hardware.
  • Product dimension: 10.24*13.39*9.84inch, N.W:6.14lbs

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